May 17th, 2021

My 60th Birthday

"Midnight Writer News" Publishes Links to New Presentation "JFK's War" Video and Power Point

Blogger S.T. Patrick has been kind enough to publish links to my recent Power Point, "JFK's War with thte National Security Establishment," and the narrated video of that Power Point, as it appears on the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) website.

Here is the link to his posting:

If you visit S.T. Patrick's page, you will see that you have a choice---you can either view the Power Point alone, or the lengthy (5 hours long) narrated Power Point on the FFF YouTube page.

For those people in love with text who want to do a self-study course, I recommend clicking on the Power Point.  While there is no "preview" image of the Power Point on the Midnight Writer News link page, the Power Point DOES DOWNLOAD, it just takes a little while.  I got it to open up after a couple of minutes by clicking on the link that says: "open in new tab."  That worked.  And once it downloads and opens up, the clarity of the Power Point slides is stunning.

"THANK YOU," to S.T. Patrick and Midnight Writer News.