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What Do the AF1 Audiotapes Reveal About JFK's Autopsy and the Delivery of His Body to Bethesda?

I recently updated an important research memo I first wrote in 2013 about the new, "Clifton" version of the AF1 audiotapes and what those audioptapes of AF1 radio transmissions on 11/22/63 reveal about the planning for his autopsy, and how his body was eventually delivered to the Bethesda NNMC (National Naval Medical Center) on November 22, 1963.

The PDF version of that updated memo is now posted at Midnight Writer News, at the indicated link:

This is the only significant addition to the material in my five-volume book, Inside the ARRB, since its publication in 2009; this 25-page research memo completes the one area of my book that I wish I had spent more time on prior to publication.

My thanks go out to S.T. Patrick for posting this, and other material about the JFK assassination and FDR, at his site.


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