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Power Point from June 3rd JFK/Cuba Lecture Posted at MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS

Posted here is a link to my recent, June 3rd, 2017 presentation at the Washington, D.C. conference titled "The National Security State and JFK."

S.T. Patrick of MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS has posted both the latest (corrected) version of the Power Point, as well as the video posted online by FFF, the program sponsor.

If you go to this link: can view the power point slides while you listen to the lecture, by turning on both features at the same time.

The lecture was about the National Security State's obsession with invading Castro's Cuba from 1960-1963, and was titled "The Bay of Pigs, Northwoods, and Beyond."

And here is a link to my presentation posted by the Future of Freedom Foundation, the libertarian organization that sponsored the conference:

My thanks to MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS for putting these up together online.


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