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Interviews About "Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War" Posted Here

Recently, I was interviewed by Brent Holland, Ed Opperman, and Len Osanic about my new book:

Those interviews are posted here:

Brent Holland:

Ed Opperman (Opperman report) Interview:

BlackOp Radio (Len Osanic) audio only:

BlackOp Radio (with program notes---scroll down for notes for program # 832):

The book can be purchased at, at this link:

Additionally, here are five related video links to FDR that are relevant to my book, and which help illuminate Roosevelt's personality and policy aims:

"Arsenal of Democracy" speech excerpt:

"Unlimited National Emergency" speech excerpt:

"USS Greer Incident" speech excerpt:

"USS Kearney Incident" speech excerpt:

"Declaration of War" speech excerpt:

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