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New Book, About FDR's Foreign Policy from 1937-1941, Coming Soon (in February 2017)

Six years in the making, my new book about President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his foreign policy "on the road to Pearl Harbor," titled: Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War, will be published in February of 2017 (next month), and will be available at

This is a two volume work, and totals 742 pages (including the Afterword, Appendices, and Index).

The book takes a realpolitik approach to studying the actions of FDR during the run-up to Pearl Harbor, particularly during the crucial period of 1940-1941---an approach that I feel is long overdue.

Stay tuned for additional information as the book's publication date approaches!

Doug Horne, author, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board.

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