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Chris Matthews' Departure: A Welcome Change to All Serious Students of the JFK Assassination

I am one of those who welcomes the departure of Chris Matthews last night from Hardball, the pugilistic political commentary show that he founded 2 decades ago.  He was a dinosaur whose departure was long overdue.

Why do I say this?  Certainly not for the public reasons touted for his departure.  The public reasons cited in the mainstream media included sexist behavior in his dealings with women on multiple occasions, and weighing in too heavily, with his thumb on the scale, in political races---with sometimes outrageous, over-the-top, partisan commentary.  He was much more into inveighing with strong political opinions than he was into pure journalism.  His act on this score had worn thin recently, with his strong and open opposition to the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigns.

Furthermore, he was an overly loud, rude interrupter who would often shout at, and brazenly interrupt, his interview subjects when they were expressing opinions he did not like.  He would routinely cut off interview subjects and not allow them to fully answer his questions when they began to provide answers that were not in line with his opinions; he would then often answer his own interview question himself (with the answer he wanted to hear)!

But these behaviors are not the main reason I applaud his departure.  My reason involves his repeatedly stated, aggressive position on the JFK assassination; his position on the Kennedy assassination was absurdly pro-Warren Commission, and in total denial of the established fact that we experienced a coup in this country in 1963, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  This denial of a U.S. government cover-up, and denial that America experienced a coup in 1963, was in opposition to the enormous body of facts unearthed by the serious work of three generations of independent citizen-researchers beginning in 1964, and was in opposition to the official conclusion of the HSCA in 1979---that JFK was likely killed as the result of a conspiracy.  [There are many critics of various aspects of the HSCA investigation---and I am among them---but Matthews never acknowledged the HSCA's official, overall conclusion, and would only tout the Warren Commission's line that JFK was assassinated by a lone nut, acting alone.]

The big question remains: "Did Chris Matthews simply have a huge personal and political blind spot with regard to the overwhelming pro-conspiracy evidence in the death of JFK; OR just perhaps, did he always know better, and was he willingly acting as a shill for the national security establishment, in his repeated support for the Warren Commission's unsupportable conclusions?"  The latter suggestion is not absurd and without foundation; just study the files on the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, its subornation of hundreds of journalists both overseas and in the United States, first exposed by journalist Carl Bernstein circa 1978.  Then CIA-Director George H.W. Bush, when forced by the evidence to admit the existence of Operation Mockingbird, declared to Congress at the time that the CIA would not engage in the recruitment of the media anymore.  If you believe that recruitment of the media by the CIA ended following 1978, I have a bridge to sell you in the Gobi Desert.

One the one hand, Chris Matthews' love of American Democracy (or rather, the mythology of American Democracy---what we want to believe about ourselves) and the American Constitution was such that he didn't seem capable of believing that the United States could be as rotten internally as it would have to have been for JFK to have been assassinated by a conspiracy in 1963, and for the U.S. Govt. to cover it up such that everyone involved got off Scott Free.  He seemed incapable of believing that America was that flawed, and just possibly, his pro-Warren Commission stance was a natural blind spot.

On the other hand, Matthews is no dummy, and no matter what you think of his opinionated partisanship, most of the time (when I try to come to grips with his behavior re: the JFK matter) I think he must have been fully aware, for decades, of the massive evidence that exists for a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK, and a USG coverup of what really happened in 1963.  Ultimately, 20 or 30 or 50 years after his eventual passing, declassified files may reveal that with regard to the JFK assassination, Matthews has been a USG shill all along---simply a continuation of Operation Mockingbird, under a different name.  Matthews' own former boss, Congressman and Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill [Matthews was his Chief of Staff] quoted Kennedy aides Kenny O'Donnell and Dave Powers in his book, Man of the House, as saying that at least 2 shots came from the grassy knoll area in Dealey Plaza during the assassination---in fact, Kenny O'Donnell actually told O'Neill that the FBI had ordered him to lie about that.  I personally witnessed Chris Matthews shout down one of his interview guests when that guest tried to bring up what his former boss, Tip O'Neill, wrote in his book; that guest was simply not allowed to speak and discuss those facts.  Matthews knew where his guest was going and cut him off before he could even effectively launch into the story.  I also witnessed Chris Matthews cut off former Secret Service agent Clint Hill circa 2013 (the 50th anniversary of the assassination) when Hill began describing JFK's head wound---which could only be interpreted as an exit wound the in rear of his head (thus implying a fatal shot from the front, or right-front).  After cutting off Hill's wound description, Matthews blurted out what was clearly a pre-staged question: "So how many shots were fired, and from what direction?"  For the first time in his life, Clint Hill responded: "Three shots, all from behind."  That was the first time Clint Hill had ever said that, and it was clearly pre-arranged with Chris Matthews before the interview began.  No doubt the Secret Service, the MSNBC power structure, and the national security establishment, were happy with that response.

So, no matter what the reasons for Chris Matthews' pro-Warren Commission propaganda, and his debunking of the serious work of citizen-researchers, it is good that he has lost his principal platform for spreading the screed that JFK and RFK assassination researchers are all "whackos" peddling "crazy conspiracy theories."  He can no longer do that on national television every November, and for that we should be grateful.  I certainly am.

Now we need to continue to work to stop MSNBC's Rachael Maddow from doing the same thing.  She is more than willing to discuss (and meticulously document) conspiracies (including Russian meddling in U.S. elections and an American President's illegal and inappropriate behavior vis-a-vis our foreign policy with Ukraine)---just not domestic conspiracies to kill American political leaders and then USG cover-ups of those crimes.  Ultimately, the motivation behind the stonewalling and denial of commentators like Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow with regard to conspiracies to kill American political leaders may simply be to stop the erosion of confidence in American institutions; of course, that is a self-defeating effort, since the more that obvious facts and patterns in the evidence are denied, and unsupportable political conclusions are endorsed, the more the erosion of confidence in American institutions accelerates.  END
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Power Point Titled "NASA's Golden Age" Now Available Online

My extensive 256 slide Power Point presentation titled "NASA's Golden Age: Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo" is now posted (in six segments) at the Midnight Writer News blogsite.

Here is the link to segment 1 of 6:

After viewing part 1, go to this link inside the Midnight Writer News "Home Page" to access parts 2 through 6 of the presentation:

My thanks goes out to S.T. Patrick for posting this history of the Cold War space program on his site.

This Power Point was developed as a teaching aid for a 6-class course for retired adults in Cleveland, Ohio.  The course, as taught, also includes a significant amount of video footage (which cannot be shown here).

My 60th Birthday

What Do the AF1 Audiotapes Reveal About JFK's Autopsy and the Delivery of His Body to Bethesda?

I recently updated an important research memo I first wrote in 2013 about the new, "Clifton" version of the AF1 audiotapes and what those audioptapes of AF1 radio transmissions on 11/22/63 reveal about the planning for his autopsy, and how his body was eventually delivered to the Bethesda NNMC (National Naval Medical Center) on November 22, 1963.

The PDF version of that updated memo is now posted at Midnight Writer News, at the indicated link:

This is the only significant addition to the material in my five-volume book, Inside the ARRB, since its publication in 2009; this 25-page research memo completes the one area of my book that I wish I had spent more time on prior to publication.

My thanks go out to S.T. Patrick for posting this, and other material about the JFK assassination and FDR, at his site.

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Midnight Writer News Launches Counterattack Against "Politico" Article About JFK Records Release

Blogger S. T. Patrick has posted two effective rebuttals against the absurd position taken in an August 3rd "Politico" article (authored by Shenon and Sabato) that 21st century forensics had proven Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK just as the Warren Commission said he did.

Here are the links to his two postings:

(1) Patrick's article critiquing the "Politico" article by Philip Shenon and Larry Sabato:

(2) Patrick's posting of my 2014 presentation titled: "The JFK Medical Evidence: Inadmissible at Trial"

The position taken by Sabato and Shenon (two Warren Commission apologists who apparently intend to spin the public reaction to JFK document releases) about Oswald's supposed guilt is not only incorrect, but is indefensible, in view of the evidence presented in my 2014 presentation (see link above).  Mainstream media programs which newly tout Oswald's supposed guilt all conveniently ignore the facts presented in my 2.5 hour presentation, delivered in September 2014 on the 50th anniversary of the release of the Warren Report.  The "landscape" of the JFK medical evidence arena changed forever as a result of the work of the ARRB staff in the mid-1990s---(as revealed in my 5-volume book, "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board")---and Shenon and Sabato have attempted to ignore that.

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British Intercept of Japanese Diplomatic Message Proves FDR Had a "Back Door to War" with Germany

Midnight Writer News has posted an article about the crucial original document I just obtained from the British National Archives.

Here is the link:

Below you will find the digital scan of the actual, original document that is so ably discussed in the
Midnight Writer News article written by S.T. Patrick (see link above):

The red marginalia is Prime Minister Churchill's writing, and the green marginalia is that written by
"C", Sir Stewart Menzies, the head of MI6 and the defacto head, therefore, of signals intelligence for


The Americans also decrypted and translated the same message, and proof of this can be found in the Volume III Appendix, page A-400, of the DOD publication "The MAGIC Background of Pearl Harbor."

Here is a link to a PDF copy of the American version of the British intercept, posted by S.T. Patrick at Midnight Writer News:

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Power Point from June 3rd JFK/Cuba Lecture Posted at MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS

Posted here is a link to my recent, June 3rd, 2017 presentation at the Washington, D.C. conference titled "The National Security State and JFK."

S.T. Patrick of MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS has posted both the latest (corrected) version of the Power Point, as well as the video posted online by FFF, the program sponsor.

If you go to this link: can view the power point slides while you listen to the lecture, by turning on both features at the same time.

The lecture was about the National Security State's obsession with invading Castro's Cuba from 1960-1963, and was titled "The Bay of Pigs, Northwoods, and Beyond."

And here is a link to my presentation posted by the Future of Freedom Foundation, the libertarian organization that sponsored the conference:

My thanks to MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS for putting these up together online.

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MIDNIGHT WRITER NEWS posts New Interview About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Host S.T. Patrick has just posted an interview with me about my new book, "Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War."

Here is the link:

I can't say enough about this new blogsite---it's professional, well-written, and your host S.T. Patrick lets each guest be the story in any given interview---he exhibits a very unobtrusive and welcoming presence.

This may well be the best interview I've yet given about my new book, so I encourage all of you to check it out.

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Interviews About "Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War" Posted Here

Recently, I was interviewed by Brent Holland, Ed Opperman, and Len Osanic about my new book:

Those interviews are posted here:

Brent Holland:

Ed Opperman (Opperman report) Interview:

BlackOp Radio (Len Osanic) audio only:

BlackOp Radio (with program notes---scroll down for notes for program # 832):

The book can be purchased at, at this link:

Additionally, here are five related video links to FDR that are relevant to my book, and which help illuminate Roosevelt's personality and policy aims:

"Arsenal of Democracy" speech excerpt:

"Unlimited National Emergency" speech excerpt:

"USS Greer Incident" speech excerpt:

"USS Kearney Incident" speech excerpt:

"Declaration of War" speech excerpt:
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New Book About FDR and Pearl Harbor: "Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War" for Sale on Feb 15th

Dear Friends,

After six years of work, my new two-volume, 742-page book about President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor, titled: Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War, should be available for sale online at NLT February 15, 2017.  A book description and an "about the author" writeup are posted below:


Over 75 years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that launched America's entry into the Second World War, one persistent question remains unanswered: "Did President Franklin D. Roosevelt have foreknowledge of the attack---and did he (and his senior military leadership) then withhold that knowledge from his overseas commanders in Hawaii?"  Douglas P. Horne, a former Naval Officer who recently completed 40 years of combined military-and-civilian service to the Federal Government, deals directly with this most difficult of all questions about World War II, in the first major "Revisionist" work about Pearl Harbor written in the last decade.  Contrary to recent assertions by mainstream historians that the Revisionist hypothesis is now dead, Horne finds it to be more robust than ever.  In the first known work that studies FDR's foreign policy "on the road to Pearl Harbor" as a timeline, or chronology (which assesses numerous factors---including codebreaking, diplomacy, military strategy, the unfolding events in Europe, and the personality and words of FDR himself), the author compellingly presents his own unique findings regarding the longstanding allegation by Revisionists that FDR used the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as a "back door to war." Horne concludes there is, indeed, persuasive evidence that once FDR's undeclared naval war against Hitler in the north Atlantic failed to provide the desired casus belli (which would have allowed him to request a declaration of war against Nazi Germany), then consequently, permitting the Imperial Japanese Navy to attack Pearl Harbor---without providing any specific advance warning to the Hawaiian field commanders (i.e., allowing the Japanese to "fire the first shot" and commit "an overt act of war")---became the last, best chance for FDR to get a united America into the Second World War.  FDR's overriding goal throughout 1940-41 was the imperative to get America involved, as a belligerent, in the war against Hitler's Germany, and the Japanese attack accomplished that goal, as Roosevelt knew it would.  Both the timing of when FDR apparently received his foreknowledge of the impending attack, and the mechanism by which it was likely delivered, are thoroughly considered in this work.  Author Douglas Horne also provides a critical assessment of the most recent Revisionist works, and using a new approach to the "big question" about Pearl Harbor, provides a bold new interpretation of events that will surprise most readers.


Douglas P. Horne, a 1974 Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University who majored in history, and author of the five-volume work "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board" (about the U.S. Government's medical cover-up of the JFK assassination), has put his 40 years of combined  military-and-civilian service with the Federal Government to good use in studying the 1945-46 Congressional Investigation into the Pearl Harbor attack; a little-known 1946 U.S. Government report containing key evidence about the attack; and the most recent Revisionist works about Pearl Harbor, to produce a grand "new synthesis" which answers the persistent question: "Did FDR know about the Pearl Harbor attack before it took place?"  A former U.S. Naval Officer who spent 14 years working in four different Navy jobs at Pearl Harbor, and a Japanophile who has always been fascinated by the Imperial Japanese Navy, Horne has applied his own Navy job experience, and his understanding of how the government operates, to a plethora of data about the Pearl Harbor attack, to produce a work of high tension and drama that attempts to deal honestly with the most significant foreign policy event in America's 20th century history.
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New Book, About FDR's Foreign Policy from 1937-1941, Coming Soon (in February 2017)

Six years in the making, my new book about President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his foreign policy "on the road to Pearl Harbor," titled: Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War, will be published in February of 2017 (next month), and will be available at

This is a two volume work, and totals 742 pages (including the Afterword, Appendices, and Index).

The book takes a realpolitik approach to studying the actions of FDR during the run-up to Pearl Harbor, particularly during the crucial period of 1940-1941---an approach that I feel is long overdue.

Stay tuned for additional information as the book's publication date approaches!

Doug Horne, author, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board.